BCIC dataset 2a evaluation files

  • MNE version: e.g. 1.6.1

How can I get BCI Competition dataset 2aā€™s evaluation files (e.g. A01E, A02E etc) in gdf format with all the MI classes annotated? I know that BNCI Horizon website has those files in mat format, but as MNE has a default function to read gdf files, its easier for me to use gdf files as a beginner.

These are only available upon request (check the BCI Competition website for contact details). Iā€™d recommend using the .mat files from the BNCI Horizon website, you can load them with scipy.io.loadmat(). You could also import those files with MNELAB (just open a .mat file), and you will get the corresponding MNE-Python commands in the history (View ā€“ History).


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