Bad MEG magnetometer Interpolation

Hello everyone,
I am working on some MEG data and keep getting an odd problem when I interpolate sensors that I rejected. It seems when I interpolate some (not all) sensors, the PSD of those sensors comes back extremely high or extremely low.
Below is a participant where it is not even that extreme compared to some others.

It seems only specific sensors have this problem. It heavily affects things like microstate analysis, leaving a huge activity sink or spike depending if it falls above or below all the other sensors. problematically, if I filter down to 40hz, the PSD shows as though this problem disappears, but topographical analyses still end up highlighting it.

This is on the HCP_MEG dataset, though due to issues with the sensor locations I had to rotate the sensors and read in the default magnus dig file from an older version of mne, but that is all i changed, so I fear there was something else that needed to also be modified. this was the code I used to do that:

# apply correct layout
for ch_idx in range(len(['chs'])):
    current_pos = copy.deepcopy(['chs'][ch_idx]['loc'][:2])['chs'][ch_idx]['loc'][0] = current_pos[1]*-1['chs'][ch_idx]['loc'][1] = current_pos[0]
from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d import Axes3D
fig = plt.figure()
ax2d = fig.add_subplot(121)
ax3d = fig.add_subplot(122, projection="3d")
epoched.plot_sensors(ch_type="mag", axes=ax2d)
epoched.plot_sensors(ch_type="mag", axes=ax3d, kind="3d")
ax3d.view_init(azim=70, elev=15)
#% set DIG with Magnes 3600wh sensor loc for 
bti_path = op.abspath('/N/u/Quartz/mne0.23') + '/Downloads/'
raws = {'Magnes 3600wh': read_raw_bti(op.join(bti_path, 'test_pdf_linux'),
                                  op.join(bti_path, 'test_config_linux'),
                                  op.join(bti_path, 'test_hs_linux')),}
dig=mne.channels.DigMontage(dig=raws['Magnes 3600wh'].info['dig'])
epoched.set_montage(dig) #set a digitization file 

Any ideas what is causing this and if it is fixable?
Thank you,