Automatically annotate bad data segments

One feature I really enjoy about MNE is the possibility to annotate interactively bad data segments on the plot interface. I’m usually not specifying the source of the noise, and I use a generic BAD label when I see a very noisy segment.

However, for large volumes of data, manual annotation becomes cumbersome. Is there an MNE method, or a library in the MNE ecosystem that automatically annotates bad segments of data?

I’m looking for an equivalent to pyprep which is for bad (noisy) channels detection.

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training ML models to do this has been my dream for years but I need enough
curated and well organized data…


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One day… one day…
Aside from advanced ML models, is there some pipeline, algorithm which do this with simple techniques?
Basically, as long as I don’t have to code it from scratch, it’s worth integrating into my pipeline.

I am not aware of such tool