apply spatial smoothing offline and save the smoothed stc files

Is there a way that I could do spatial smoothing and save the smoothed stc files?
I know to do it while plotting the stc (eg., stc.plot(smoothing_steps = 7), but don’t know how to do it in the offline (i.e., after closing the plot window) and save it.

  • MNE version: 1.4.2
  • operating system: Linux mint 19.3

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The spatial smoothing during plotting is (I think?) only there because the used source-space vertices can appear farther than 1 pixel apart, so without smoothing you would just see a bunch of isolated/unconnected dots of color on the gray background of the cortex. In the STC data object, those intervening pixels / vertices aren’t actually there.

Knowing that, do you still want to perform some kind of smoothing on the data object? It’s not necessarily a crazy idea, but I want to make sure your desire to do it isn’t based on a mistaken assumption.

Hi @drammock
Indeed, I was having a wrong assumption that source-space vertices could be smoothed similar to that of fMRI voxels. Thanks a lot for making the clarification.


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Well, they are just numbers with spatial locations associated with them, so it is possible to smooth them in a similar way to fMRI. But it is rarely done I think, because (for example) the minimum-norm and dSPM ways of estimating source activity already yield smooth(ed) solutions.