Annotate Muscle Z-Score Function

Hi everyone, I also have a question about the annotate_muscle_zscore function.

The EEG recordings I am working with were sampled at 200 Hz, which means the Nyquist frequency is 100 Hz. I am aware that the default frequency range of the annotate_muscle_zscore function is 110-140 Hz, which is higher than the Nyquist frequency for these EEG recordings.

Is there a lower frequency range that I could specify? If there is, which frequency range would you recommend?


  • MNE version: 1.0.3
  • operating system: Windows 11

Thank you for your help!

if your sampling frequency is only 200 Hz then you probably won’t / can’t see any muscle artifacts. Why do you want to use that function? Are you seeing artifacts anyway (are you sure they’re from muscle activity)?