Accuracy of EEG source localization on deep area

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Currently, I am using EEG source localization to decode brain information. Whenever, I use source localization method, I am curious about the accuracy of deep area, for example hippocampus.

Using EEG source localization method, can we get good accuracy to estimated activity in deep area? Do you have any experience about it?


I don’t think there is an easy answer to this question. This may depend on many factors (apart from general sensitivity of EEG to deep sources) - for example strength of the signal of interest (SNR), number of trials, quality/accuracy of the forward model, the inverse method used etc.
In general people are skeptical about source estimates for deep structures. However, there are some papers arguing that you can estimate thalamic or hippocampal activity in MEG:

and here is for example a simulation study on sensitivity to deep structures in MEG:

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I see. Great information. Your information is so helpful for me.