Is OTP algorithm good for real-time artifact rejection?

Dear MNE users,

Currently, I am looking for real-time artifact rejection method for EEG and I discovered the oversampled temporal projection (OTP) algorithm.

Plot sensor denoising using oversampled temporal projection — MNE 0.23.4 documentation

What do you think about this algorithm for real-time artifact rejection propose? Do you recommend it for me?


Hello, maybe @teonbrooks or @larsoner can give you some advice here!

IIRC OTP is slower than realtime (i.e., takes longer than 1 sec to process 1 sec of data) so probably not, but feel free to test if my memory is correct here…

Richard and Eric, I really appreciate your support! If OTP is slow, what is your recommendation for real-time artifact rejection for EEG signals?


I don’t know of any, I’m not up to date on what people do here. You could look at recent realtime BCI papers and read in their method sections what they used to deal with artifacts

Hi Eric, I see. Thanks for your support! Kyu