Coordinates of maxima outside of the MNI space

MNE version: 1.2.1
operating system: Ubuntu 20.04.05 LTS

Dear MNE community,

I tested if my data source space data were significantly different between 2 groups of subjects by performing a cluster-level permutation test across space and time, as in:

As a result, I got a “significant cluster” with the coordinates of maxima: -18.4, -41, 47.7. After searching for these coordinates in a human brain atlas, I realized they’re outside of the MNI space and it’s probably a white matter tract.

I’m aware of the issues about localizing significant activity in time and space after a permutation test, but I ask myself if the fact that my results are outside of the MNI space are an indication that my source localization was not accurate? Or is it something to be expected?

I would really appreciate any contributions,



Hi guys, any hint would be very helpful. I’m ready to post any Code snippet or figures if needed :slight_smile:

If anyone could give me some feed back on this it would be really nice, because the topic is still relevant for me.

I’d love to know if my results could be legit.




Its difficult to answer your question without looking at codes and the results (visualization).
I would encourage you to post code with your hypothesis or even better if you share the following steps:

  1. Hypothesis/testing
  2. Expected results
  3. Actual result (screenshot for visual inspection).
  4. codes to look at the problem.