Change amplitude of raw plotted signal

how do i change the amplitude of my raw data signal?
I’m having great difficulty! My signal is clipping because amplitude is too high but I can’t find instructions on the website to do this.

Hello @21012015,

Raw.plot() accepts a scalings parameter. According to the documentation, this value defaults to:

dict(mag=1e-12, grad=4e-11, eeg=20e-6, eog=150e-6, ecg=5e-4,
     emg=1e-3, ref_meg=1e-12, misc=1e-3, stim=1,
     resp=1, chpi=1e-4, whitened=1e2)

You can pass your own values here instead.

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thanks for the feedback! how to reduce this amplitude using the annotations function?

I’m not sure what you mean? Annotations have nothing to do with signal amplitude…

Yes I know. I want to reduce amplitude to better visualize my tags.

can you show me an example of how I can reduce the amplitude applied to the plot? Because I really don’t understand how! I’m a beginner and I get very confused!
And I don’t find didactic information for those starting from scratch.

And in this role?

raw.plot(start=0, duration=63)

Like I said, pass scalings to Raw.plot(), e.g.:

raw.plot(scalings={'eeg': 500e-6})

to accommodate for signal amplitudes of up to 500 µV.

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Also note that you can change the scaling in an already-opened plotting window by pressing the + and - keys. Click on the Help button to see the available keyboard shortcuts.