Baseline-error "`must be a tuple of length 2 or None"

Hi :slight_smile:

what properties does the baseline need to have?
I have a data length from -0.2 to 3 seconds, and I want -0.2 to 0 be the baseline. I get the following error:

ValueError: `baseline=[-0.2, 0]` is an invalid argument, must be a tuple of length 2 or None

Thanks for your help!


From the error message, it seems that lists are not accepted. I’m a bit surprised honestly.
Could you try baseline=(-0.2, 0)?

Haha yes this did the trick!! :see_no_evil:
Thank you!!!

We’re actually doing a poor job supporting “duck typing” in many places in MNE. But in this specific case, I believe a simple cast to tuple should definitely be supported…